Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FREE Blogger Opp: Diamond Earring Giveaway

The girls of Moms With Voices Media are at it again! We've teamed up with CouponTrade for a free blogger event. What is it this time? How about a pair of diamond earrings! These retail for $369 on a sale site, value is $1,000! Oh my word!

This stunning pair of 1/2 carat (ctw) diamond earrings boasts the luster of over five dozen round, brilliant cut blue and white stones and is delicately crafted from 10 karat polished white gold. Fourteen luminous blue diamonds glimmer alluringly among a bed of fifty-two pristine white diamonds.

Want to participate? Sign up here. Tell them Layne's Thrifty Finds sent you.

Create a post about sign ups for this event, and link back to the entry form for a FREE Twitter entry.
In lieu of posting, you may send $1 for your Twitter entry to
Additional links are available for $1 each (Choose from Facebook or email subs)
Complete the entry form here-
Your submission confirmation screen will contain a link to the post html, and rafflecopter script, and you may schedule your post to go live at 12:01 am 4/30 EST.


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