Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giveaway: BMotG 1st Birthday Bash: Part 4

I was very excited when I saw the creative hats at My Kayla Rose's Etsy Boutique. Bonnie's designs are so fun and playful that I really wanted to incorporate one of them into Emily's birthday party! I chose the zebra print with the hot pink feather boa detail around the base and on the top. I think this hat is a wonderfully girly design that brings a small amount of flashiness to the party.

So far, Emily has been exceptionally interested in the hat, just not on her head! She had so much fun playing the game of pulling the hat off of her head that I could not help, but snap pictures in between laughing at how much fun she was having!! I can just imagine when she gets older and wants to play dress-up how much fun she will have with this hat added to her dress-up collection.

Bonnie at My Kayla Rose offers a nice variety of hats for any celebration including Mini Mouse hats too (adorable!). The material she used to make the zebra hat for Emily is a very soft fabric and she tied a pretty pink ribbon, that if Emily's willing, I could tie into a pretty bow to keep the hat in place. And for Busy Mom on the Go readers Bonnie has generously offered a 10% off coupon code to her store using code: Kayla.

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We kindly thank all of the wonderful participating bloggers in the 1st Birthday Bash Event:

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