Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: 18 Rabbits

I was given the opportunity to review some delicious kosher organic granola bars by 18 Rabbits.

I was sent the Squeaky Cheeky Choco Cherry and the Rocco Choco Banana. I loved both these bars - so much flavor!

The 18 Rabbits Story

It all started down a gravel road in Farmers Branch, Texas in the kitchen of Two Lost Valley Lane. I liked to play outside with my four brothers and sisters and our rabbit, Blackjack, while Mom watched from the kitchen where she made her special granola.

On days Mom made granola, the aroma of oats, coconut, honey and nuts wafted through the house and out the windows, and we’d all leave off playing and head inside. One day we ran off and forgot Blackjack, leaving him to a rabbit rendezvous. Soon he had a family of 18, and our yard was hopping with more rabbits than we knew what to do with!

I created my own recipe for 18 Rabbits granola because I like for people to feel good—the kind of good that comes from enjoying the most delicious, most nutritious food. Like the way your favorite childhood memory gives you a spring in your step, wherever it comes to you—even as you head down a busy city street far away from where you grew up. Eat some and see where it takes you.

18 Rabbits Philosophy

Our Mission:
Bring food back to its roots through simple authentic granola & bars.

Our Vision :
Everyone has the right to pure simple food.

18 Rabbits Outreach

1% for KIDS™
18 Rabbits gives more than 1% of all bars made to kids in urban schools.

2011 Donations

15,000 bars to the Morning Snack Program
The bars are distributed to 3 schools ensuring that if kids don't eat breakfast at home, the kids eat at school so they can concentrate in class.
Bret Huarte Elementary School
Daniel Webster School
Hillcrest Elementary School

1,000 bars to Hanna Center for Boys
Hanna Boys Center changes the lives of troubled, motivated youth through faith, education and caring, helping them grow into productive members of society.

1,000 bars to Headstand
Headstand is an innovative non-profit organization that brings stress reduction techniques and yoga to youth in economically-disadvantaged communities.

2010 Donations

21,600 bars to the Morning Snack Program


January 14, 2010

In collaboration with local teachers at Bret Harte Elementary School and the San Francisco Food Bank 18 Rabbits is developing a Nutrition Education program to encourage and support healthy eating in the community.

In America today, over 16 million Children are living in food insecure households. Many of those children rely on school meal programs for the only nourishment they will receive during the day, while, in addition to this startling statistic, we are seeing an alarming rise in childhood obesity, diabetes, and asthma.

18 Rabbits believes in providing nourishing food and supporting our communities. In action against childhood hunger, we have partnered with the San Francisco Food Bank in order to donate and distribute over 1% of bars made to the morning snack program at local urban schools. These snacks allow students overcome with hunger to regain concentration and activity levels needed to be successful in their daily lives.

Our mission at 18 Rabbits is to ensure that everyone has a right to pure simple food. Through this program we are increasing children’s access to healthy snacks and teaching important food knowledge to the kids and their families so they can make healthier snack choices even outside of the school. Our program will provide a guide for other companies with similar missions to get involved and to help improve the wellbeing of our next generation.

We hope with our bar donations and the education provided through this program will benefit students and their families and allow them to live a healthier life.

18 Rabbits creates simple authentic treats in San Francisco. We bring food back to its roots by developing our treats in a kitchen with ingredients from small sustainable farmers like Straus Family Creamery and Decas Cranberries.

I absolutely love that 18 Rabbits gives back to their community. Any company that gives back gets a gold star in my book, especially ones that give back to schools and kids.

I really enjoyed these organic kosher granola bars. I think they are delicious and have such wonderfully cute and creative names.

You can also check out 18 Rabbits on Facebook.

*Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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