Monday, March 26, 2012

GTS: A Look Back

I was given the opportunity to attend the GAMA Trade Show (GTS) this year. I have been volunteering for GAMA at Origins, a huge gaming convention in Columbus, OH for 7 years now (this spring will be my 8th year). This year I was invited to volunteer at GTS, as well. GTS is the business side of gaming, whereas Origins in the consumer side.

GTS is a closed trade show - you have to be a GAMA member to get in- GAMA stands for Game Manufacturers Association. GTS is all about helping game stores, game manufactures, games distributors, and game designer connect. I was able to come in as press, as well, so I was able to attend press conferences and talk to the exhibitors who were there trying to get there games out there to the public. I had a great time connecting with several new companies who are just making their first games. The next few pictures are all new games, either just out or not quite yet available in stores.

Good Help

Grandpa Beck's - Cover Your A$$ets and Golf




World Conquerors

Roller Derby

The next few games are some that I got to play at the open gaming night on Wednesday night, or that I was given to review and have played with my gaming group..

Oz Fluxx

Castle Panic

I really enjoyed my time at GTS and I hope I will be able to go back again. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I had to be press, and I feel privileged to have attended GTS 2012.

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