Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Newman's Own Organics

I was given the opportunity to sample a bunch of great products from Newman's Own Organics. I was amazed at the great array of products they sent me to try out. I received 6 chocolate bars:

My favorite was the Super Dark Chocolate. 70% cocoa and man, was that ever good! So dark and yet not too bitter - just melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness.

I was also sent 4 bags of cookies:

I absolutely loved the Ginger Snaps - what great ginger flavor! The Cinnamon Grahams were great, too! I actually have not gotten to try the Vanilla cookies or the Double Chocolate Chip (I know, what kind of woman am I if I haven't gotten around to the chocolate?) I also love the Ginger Cremes and the Hint-o-Mint.

I was also sent 5 different kinds of cookies - 4 sandwich creme cookies and 1 Fig Newmans:

Oops, I forget we opened the Creme's and the Chocolate Creme's before I could take a picture. My favorite of these was the Fig Newmans - they were delicious, and so much tastier than those other "fruit and cake" cookies.

Next we have the Pretzels:

We've only gotten around to trying the Honey Wheat Pretzels so far, but they were fabulous!

Another yummy Newman's Own Organics product I received was licorice:

My mom stole the Strawberry before I could take a picture. I didn't even get to taste one of those. I did eat all the Black Licorice, though. I didn't share those since they are my favorite! I just tried the Pomegranate and they are quite tasty, too!

Let's see; I also received 3 tins of mints. Also shown are raisins (yummers):

Again, Mom stole the cinnamon before I got to take a picture - she loves them. My dad took the Peppermint, too. I kept the Ginger mints - ooh, are they ever good!!! Great strong Ginger flavor! (Can't you tell I love ginger?) Not pictured, but still received, was microwave popcorn - haven't had a chance to try that yet!

I was thrilled with the great selection Newman's Own Organics sent me to try. My family all found something to love out of all the great items. I love that all the products are organic, so even though I was munching on snack food, I didn't feel quite so guilty about it.

Here's what Newman's Own Organics has to say about their products:

"'Great tasting food that happens to be organic.' (That's what we kept in mind when we created our products.) We focus on the kinds of products we loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients.

We find that people really want to know how the ingredients are grown and processed on the way to their grocer's shelf. When people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged 'health' foods, we hope they'll try other organic food products.

But 'organic' may be the last thing you think of when you try our tasty Pretzels, Chocolate Bars, Fig Newmans™, Family Recipe Cookies, Chocolate Cups, Newman-O's, Pop's Corn, Alphabet Cookies , Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, Dried Fruit , Soy Crisps, Hermits, Mints, Coffee and Royal Tea. They're just so good!"

The sale of Newman’s Own Organics products generates money for the Newman’s Own Foundation to give away. Since 1982 Paul Newman and the Newman’s Own Foundation have donated more than $300 million dollars to educational and charitable organizations worldwide.

Newman's Own Organics has generously offered a selection of 4 products to the winner of the giveaway. They said that I could pick my 4 favorites, so I am going to have to pick...

1. The Fig Newman's
2. Milk Chocolate Bar
3. Cinnamon Graham Cookies and
4. Honey Wheat Pretzels

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

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*Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own. The prize for this giveaway is provided and shipped by Newman's Own Organics.



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